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Scars are a natural part of our skin’s healing process, a result of increased collagen production primarily made of fibroblasts that contract and pull a wound together. But this healing tissue doesn’t contain all the usual elements of skin tissue, giving scar tissue a noticeable raised appearance.  The most common forms of scar tissue are hypertrophic and keloid scars, which lack sweat glands and hair follicles and can also cause continuous skin irritation.

Quickly treating scars as they form and continuing treatment appropriately can reduce scar tissue.  But effective over-the-counter treatments are often not available.  A customized scar management medication may be the answer.

Aventus Pharmacy prepares scar-reducing topical therapies formulated with a VersaPro cream base—a highly moisturizing cream with penetrating properties. These topical treatments have several advantages over oral treatments, reducing inflammation and itching, and providing additional relief from the burning sensation and pain associated with scars.

Customized ingredients can include:


This anti-allergic drug has been shown to inhibit the release of histamine and prostaglandins from mast cells, suppressing collagen synthesis of fibroblasts from scar tissue but not healthy tissue. Tranilast also inhibits the release of transforming growth factor (TGF)-beta 1 from keloid fibroblasts.


A medium potency glucocorticosteroid, Mometasone produces anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and vasoconstrictive actions.


Using this histamine (H1) receptor antagonist in a topical form helps reduce swelling and eliminate itching.  Because antihistamines are also antiproliferative agents, they may slow down the deposition and synthesis of collagen in keloid fibroblasts by suppressing the release of TGF-b1.


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