The Pain Control You Need, Exactly How You Need It.

Acute or chronic pain affects countless Americans. But managing pain is complex, and the effectiveness of mass-produced medications can vary widely from patient to patient.  We specialize in helping providers provide better medication and pain management options for patients struggling to control their pain.

Our compounding services offer specific medication strengths matched to a patient’s needs for greater pain relief.  We also prepare common oral drugs in a topical dosage form that can be applied as a cream, reducing undesired side effects such as drowsiness that can negatively impact physical abilities and performance—a problem especially critical for athletes and weekend warriors.

From alternative dosage forms to the combination of multiple medications into one preparation, our personalized compounding can play a tremendous role in improving patient outcomes and well-being.

Our convenient compounded dosage forms include:

Topical Gels
Topical Creams
Topical Sprays
Sublingual tablets


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