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It can be hard to lead a healthy lifestyle if you’re experiencing foot and ankle pain, and the list of potential problems and conditions is long.

Fungal Infections
Diabetic Neuropathy
Plantar Warts

Neuropathic Sprains
Foot and Ankle Pain

Even just the constant wear and tear of daily standing and walking can be the cause of many foot and ankle conditions. The good news is that there are also many options to prevent, treat, or cure such disorders. We specialize in providing compounded medications for personalized foot and ankle care treatments.

Combination Therapy

Unlike many mass-produced foot and ankle care drugs, our compounded medications combine the benefits of multiple active ingredients into a single dosage form for customized treatments that are more effective and easier to use and monitor.

Topical/Transdermal Therapy

As an alternative to oral medications that may cause unwanted side effects, custom topical therapy combines multiple ingredients into one formulation that can be directly applied to the problem area.

We also offer non-surgical removal of diseased nails with custom topical creams and combination therapies to aggressively treat fungal infections and warts.


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